Barod feature in a four-part documentary on Adverse Childhood Experiences

A four-part documentary, produced by Eternal Media,  shows how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can have lasting impact on someone’s life. As told by those with lived experience, ACEs can play a significant role in the development of certain behaviours, including substance use.

This powerful short film, showcasing the incredible work of ACE Support Hub Cymru, highlights the impact that ACEs can have but also how services, like Barod, can support people moving forward. Our Swansea service played host to many interviews, including that of Service Manager, Jamie Harris.

“I feel my addiction to alcohol was a result of the trauma of my childhood” Mark

To watch the full short film, visit Eternal Media’s facebook page, by clicking here. For more information about Adverse Childhood Experiences and to become more trauma-informed, visit Public Health Wales’ dedicated page that includes a variety of publications, here.