Volunteering at Barod

Our volunteers support our services in many ways, adding a variety of skills and points of view. Whether you’re looking to work in the substance use field or just want to give back and help others, volunteering with Barod can help meet your goals.

Here’s what some of our current and former volunteers have to say about their experiences:

Volunteering with Barod and seeing first-hand the work staff do with clients, has opened my eyes to substance use and harm reduction. One day is never the same and it’s given me understanding and empathy for a subject I had little experience of previously.” 

Claire, current volunteer 

Volunteering really changed my life and gave me a new career path to follow. I was given the opportunity to volunteer at a Barod drop-in centre which involved helping where possible and making lots of coffee/tea for people who were just desperate for somewhere to go,  as was I at the time. I was unemployed and at a very low ebb in my life at the time, I had worked most of my life in ‘dictator-style’ managed organisations and was initially amazed that people were given freedom of choice, a voice and, more importantly, hope that they were better than they actually thought and could make a difference. My confidence, self-esteem and motivation levels gradually returned and I was soon offered a paid post. In March 2019 I celebrated 7 years employment with Barod.” 

Rob, former volunteer, now a staff member

“Volunteering at Barod has helped me grow in confidence, whilst learning invaluable communication skills. It feel good to give back to the community and help people, along with friendly and kind staff members who are approachable and keen to help you develop as volunteers. I am really glad I started volunteering.” 

Zoe, current volunteer