The Drink Wise Age Well ‘Grey Matters’ Campaign aims to highlight the risks around Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) and to raise awareness on how to help someone who may be cognitively impaired due to excessive or dependant alcohol use.

We all know that alcohol can make you more chatty, more confident, and less coherent. It slows your mental and physical reactions and reduces your ability to think, reason and remember. That’s why it’s never a good idea to have alcohol before undertaking any potentially dangerous task – including driving, of course.

These short-term symptoms generally pass once we sober up again,

but long-term heavy drinking can bring about more serious changes in our brains.

The campaign provides information for those who drink, their concerned others and professionals through the factsheet and poster below, a series of informative videos with Dr. Julia Lewis, Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist. The campaign also uses a radio advertising campaign and is providing two free eLearning courses on the topic – find out more about these below.