8th March marks International Women’s Day

Here at Barod, we have so many inspiring women that both work and volunteer for the organisation, as well as those that access our services. This year is all about ‘Breaking the Bias’ and continuing to work towards a gender equal world. More information about this years theme can be found here.

We fully support such campaigns, and even though we feel it is important to challenge inequality in its many forms, on a daily basis, it is also essential to mark important occasions, such as International Women’s Day, to emphasis that we will not settle until we have a world that is free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. We will continue to work towards, and support others, in establishing a workplace, community, society and a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. Together, we want to forge women’s equality and #BreakTheBias.

Read more about some of the inspiring women that work for Barod, below.