Jamie is the Service Manager for Barod’s Swansea Services and has been with Barod since 2006.  His remit covers adult, families and young persons services and he uses his passion for harm reduction to help drive these services forward.

Here’s Jamie, to tell you more about his work

What are your areas of special interest / particular skills?

i enjoy providing operational leadership to services within our Barod Swansea services, offering interventions to a wide range of service-users from adults, concerned others and children and young people, and their families. I’ve worked for many years within a community setting, both in the voluntary and statutory sector with experience of working with drug users in many communities, families in crisis, needle exchange, crisis intervention, homelessness, supported accommodation, anti-social behaviour, primary health care, and adults with mental health issues. More recently, my focus has been developing treatment responses to new drugs trends and stimulant drugs.

What do you enjoy most about your role with Barod?

I enjoy many aspects of my role, but, most significantly for me is the enjoyment I have in building positive relationships with our service users, communities and partners, championing the harm reduction message and cause.

What is it like to work in your area of Wales or in your specific service?

The Swansea service operates at a fast and ever-changing pace, never one day is the same! The team here in Swansea are so adaptable and can use their knowledge, experience and diverse expertise to fight against exclusion, enabling drug using individuals and communities to develop their skills and capacity for potential change and recovery. Delivering the service, respecting the autonomy of the communities we work with, facilitating & supporting them with their drug and alcohol needs. Its great to be working with a team driven by and committed to the development of evidence that endorses or critically advances knowledge of the harm reduction working approach.

Please tell us about your average day.

Every day is so different! Some days you could be working with policy-makers, programme implementers, service providers and drug users and drug using groups. But, always supporting the adoption of models of community mobilisation, harm reduction and drug treatment with people who use drugs and alcohol. All the above can take place on a local and a national level to promote the work we do here at Barod. I loves it! 😊

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

“If you want something done, ask someone who’s busy!”