What are your areas of special interest?

Transition cases and mental health of young people

What do you enjoy most about your role with Barod?

Engaging with young people and seeing them develop and move forward in their recovery.

What is it like to work in your area of Wales or in your specific service?

It can be remote and challenging it is usually busy but it is rewarding and you are never far from lovely views/beaches.

Please tell us about your average day.

At the moment things are obviously strange as I am working from home, I will generally have a few appointments/meetings/webchat/a catch up with the team and will make sure that I get away from the laptop for a short while and go up to the garden.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

The less you talk the more you hear. So when I am with service users I just let them talk as much as they need to, you gain a lot more insight in to their lives and issues that way.