The establishment of needle exchange schemes across the UK in the 1980’s is widely regarded as one of our most successful health promotion and harm reduction initiatives.

Needle exchange is vital part of the work we do to help reduce the harms caused by substance use.  It’s a discreet and confidential space where service users can get support and advice, as well as clean and safe equipment.

Needle exchange services are always confidential.  Staff will ask some basic information which will be entered into an anonymised database called NEO.  This information is used to identify patterns or trends of use and equipment used, as well as information on referral to other services.  Names or other identifiable information will never be shared.

Barod is a member of the Welsh Needle Exchange Forum.  We work in line with evidence based practice including updated NICE guidelines, Welsh Government’s treatment framework  and our in-house Needle Exchange Policy.

Check out our Facebook Live video below, taking you on a tour of one of our needle exchanges