On the 3rd March 2022, the Swansea Peer to Peer Naloxone pilot started. The new peers have been trained to start dispensing naloxone in a bid to save lives and reduce drug-related-deaths in Swansea. Who have now formed S.A.F.E. (Swansea Against Fatal Episodes) attended the two day training that was facilitated by the team in Barod and the Western Bay Area Planning Board and South Wales Police, raising awareness to mobilise people who use drugs to support one another and those who maybe indirectly affected by someone else’s use. Since the training the peers have distributed over 70 kits and have played a part in 2 overdose incidents, which saved two lives.

South Wales Police are fully on board with this pilot and are right behind the peers in disseminating naloxone in Swansea, alongside their own pilot for all officers across the force to carry Naloxone. We would also like to thank George Charlton for facilitating the two-day training and helping us to start off this new scheme.