Today we launch our third instalment of our Run off the Blues, a multifaceted campaign that aims to promote positive wellbeing, as well as raising funds for Food Banks in our areas.

The idea is simple. Those who sign up, choose one of six distance milestones to aim towards, throughout the month of January. Those six milestones are 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 or 150km, and they can be completed by walking, running or cycling (or even rowing, as was done a few years ago). Then when January hits, get out and about and try and achieve your target.

January can be tough month for many and motivation can sometimes be low at this time of year, but we hope events like this can help build that up. By getting outside in January, even though cold, can help boost and/ or maintain positive mental health, as well as help with any new years resolutions.

This campaign also looks to fundraise for local Food Banks across South Wales. In the last two years, we have raised nearly £1000 and all proceeds go to selected Food Banks within our operational areas.

This campaign is open to Barod staff, volunteers, consortium partner employees, as well as those that access any of our services. If you would like to sign up, please click here and fill out the registration form by 15th December. If you need any inspiration, check out our video from our 2021 event here.

To donate, visit Barod’s JustGiving page and thank you in advance.