Barod are pleased to announce the we have signed the Zero Racism Wales pledge. As part of this pledge, we hold ourselves and one another accountable and will challenge any, and all forms of racism. We stand in solidarity with our partners, other organisations and individuals who have have, and will sign up to this pledge, to say no to racism and promote inclusivity and celebrate diversity across our communities and throughout Wales.

Caroline Phipps, Barod CEO, said “Today marks a special day for us as we sign the Zero Racism Wales pledge showing our support for a zero-tolerance approach to racism in Wales.

“Barod wants to take a stand against racism. We commit to holding ourselves accountable and saying no to racism in all it’s forms by promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity. We encourage you to do the same by pledging, either as an organisation or an individual via the Zero Racism Wales website.”

You can sign the Zero Racism Wales pledge by clicking here.