“I’m in constant pain. I feel depressed all the time”

(15-year-old ketamine user)


Ketamine is an anesthetic dissociative which has been used on the recreational drug scene for some time. It is not uncommon to come across its use at festivals throughout the UK and increasingly so at street level in some parts of Wales. Its users aim to experience calmness and relaxation as well as ‘dreamy’ sensations. Ketamine can also produce out of body experiences, many refer to as being within a ‘K-hole’. While such experiences may appeal to many, there are potential side effects to the use of ketamine, including life-changing consequences linked to heavy and long-term use.

‘Through the K-Hole’ campaign aims to raise awareness of ketamine use and provide vital harm reduction tips to those who use, or intend to use the drug. Here at Barod, we have seen a 59% increase in the amount of people disclosing ketamine use in the last six months. The campaign will also aim to make people aware of the potential harms and life-changing effects the use of ketamine can lead to. While such life-changing effects occur to the small minority of ketamine users, we have unfortunately supported individuals who have experienced significant damage to their bladder and urinary tract due to the use of the drug, making it difficult and very painful to go to the toilet and have sex. We therefore aim to inform people on how to remain as safe as possible if someone does intend to use ketamine and reduce the potential harms of continued use.

If you are concerned about your ketamine use, you can access confidential support from your local service. To find a service near you, please click here. You can also chat confidentially to a trained support worker via our Live Webchat Service on our website (bottom right-hand corner).

We also have a FREE online eLearning course “Ketamine: Harm Reduction” that can be accessed on our DYSGU website accessed via our eLearning page here.

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