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Volunteering at Barod

Our volunteers support our services in many ways, adding a variety of skills and points of view.

You might be looking to work in the substance misuse field or you might just want to help others, either way, volunteering could help you as you help others.


“When I started as a volunteer in 2015, I was warmly welcomed by the staff and quickly began to be feel part of the team.  Starting with admin tasks, I then began to work directly with Service Users which built my confidence and capacity, enhanced my personal development and allowed me to develop my own ‘toolkit’ to work with our beneficiaries.  Barod provided me with training and regular support, involved me in team meetings conferences and Development Days – all of which made me feel part of the Barod family.” 

Steve, Former volunteer and now a staff member


Benefits of volunteering with Barod

  • Hands-on experience – looks great on your CV
  • Making a difference – great for your ‘feel good factor’
  • Shadowing experienced team members – learn from some of the best in the business!
  • Opportunities to shape services – we have made some great improvements based on volunteer suggestions
  • Develop your own social and professional networks – meet new people and make connections
  • Access to training and development opportunities – there’s always lots on offer
  • Support and guidance – you’re own link worker to guide you through your volunteering journey
  • Possibility of employment – whilst volunteering doesn’t guarantee you a job with us, many of our staff started out as volunteers before becoming paid members of the team

We will also provide out of pocket expenses to all volunteers.


“I’ve been a volunteer for the past 6 months and I enjoy it immensely.  I volunteer one day a week, where my responsibilities include answering the SPOC phone, dealing with enquiries and directing calls, welcoming people into the building, monitoring the drop-in and carrying out whatever admin tasks need doing.  I’ve been able to shadow workers, attend meetings and become involved in several interesting projects. I received amazing support and training. I had access to the elearning platform (which was a great way to learn more about the organisation) and I had the opportunity to attend several training courses on substance misuse. I would say volunteering is professionally and personally fulfilling, and it’s also great karma.” 

Claire – volunteer 


What are we looking for in our volunteers?

Our volunteers are as different as the roles they undertake and we encourage applications by volunteers from all walks of life.  You may be retired or you may never have worked, you may have a criminal record or you may be just straight out of university – everyone has something unique they can bring to the table.

The most important thing for us is enthusiasm, empathy and openness; and a willingness to work within our values and regulations.

Certain roles may require certain things, such as a driving license or computer literacy.  All volunteers will need to undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.  But please note that past criminal offences will not necessarily prevent you from volunteering with us, each case is reviewed individually based on a number of factors.


“Volunteering really changed my life and gave me a new career path to follow. I was given the opportunity to volunteer at a Barod drop-in centre which involved helping where possible and making lots of coffee/tea for people who were just desperate for somewhere to go,  as was I at the time. I was unemployed and at a very low ebb in my life at the time, I had worked most of my life in ‘dictator-style’ managed organisations and was initially amazed that people were given freedom of choice, a voice and, more importantly, hope that they were better than they actually thought and could make a difference. I quickly realised this was something I wanted to get involved in as much as possible and not only was I volunteering at the drop-in, I was given the chance to complete the training to become a Volunteer Peer Mentor and at some point in the future maybe have a small case-load of service users myself. My initial reaction to this was ‘Eh? Me? Are you having a laugh? I can’t do that!’ I then had to challenge these thoughts as I felt quietly proud that this offer had come my way and what I’d achieved to date. I was supported every step of the way and I worked my way in slowly. My confidence, self-esteem and motivation levels gradually returned and I was soon offered a paid post.   In March 2018 I celebrated 6 years employment with  Barod ” 

Rob, former volunteer, now a staff member


How to apply

Having specific roles for volunteers to apply for helps to provide more interesting and engaging volunteering activities, so we only take on new volunteers when we need support in a specific area or role. Our volunteering opportunities are advertised below , as well as on our social media channels and on the Volunteering Wales website.

You can find both an electronic and printable versions of the Application Form and the Equal Opportunities Form below.  We prefer online applications as it’s more environmentally friendly and easier all round but if you can’t complete our online application, please feel free to print and either scan / post them to us.  We need both the Application and the Equal Opps forms please.


114 Lower Dock Street


NP20 2AF

Give us as much information as you can, make sure we know why you would be great for the role!

Make sure you tell us what role you are going for and that your contact information is easy to see so that we can get back in touch with you.


I have been a volunteer here for 12 years and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I always like to have work to do and I will do any work that the staff want me to do. It helps the staff so they can carry on with the important jobs they have to do. 

Carol, Volunteer


Recruitment process

We’ve been supporting volunteers for many years and have learnt the importance of a robust application process.

Following receipt of all applications, we shortlist those with the most suitable candidates and invite them to a very informal interview.  This may seem intimidating but really it is just a couple of questions about why you want to volunteers and what you think about a few things.  The interview is not meant to catch anyone out – it helps both Barod and the volunteer to decide if we are a good fit for one another!

Once a volunteer has been offered a position, you will receive a full induction and get access to our eLearning platform DYSGU. You will receive support and guidance from your own Link Worker, who will act as a supervisor.

For more in-depth information on how our volunteering process works, download our information guide below