Byddwch yn amyneddgar, mae’r fersiwn Gymraeg y dudalen  hon ar ei ffordd

This page is being translated into Welsh, please bear with us


Barod undertakes a range of awareness raising campaigns across all of our areas to help educate and inform service users, partners and the public about important health-related issues.

Some campaigns fit in with larger awareness raising events, such as ‘Alcohol Awareness Week’ or ‘World Aids Day’, others are a response to local trends or issues within a specific region.

Our campaigns are responsive to need and use a variety of methods to help get our message across. We are always looking to enhance partnership working through joint campaigns where we can, joining with our partners in the third, public and private sector wherever possible.

Keep an eye on our Event page or on our social media feeds for more information on current or up and coming campaigns.

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