Are you worried or concerned about a loved one’s drug and/or alcohol use?

If so, you are not alone and we aim to #LeaveTheLightOn for anyone affected by substance use and support them through what can be an emotional and challenging time. We are ready to support you from starting that conversation with your loved one, to providing you free, confidential support as a concerned other. Whether you have only just realised the impact your partners drinking or a family members drug use has on you or whether you are struggling to cope with such behaviour, our ‘Leave the Light On’ campaign aims to provide you with information, advice and resources on how to better support yourself and your loved one and know that we are there to turn to as well.

Below we have provided a variety of downloadable resources and links to helpful advice, if you are are worried about someone else. All of our resources and links will be shared via all our social media channels throughout March and April 2022. You can also follow the campaign on social media via #LeaveTheLightOn & #Concerned.

We have also developed a FREE eLearning course, ‘Working with Concerned Others’, that can be accessed here.