In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, here are some resources you can use without seeing someone in person.

We have also included some general health and wellbeing resources, as we know this is a very difficult time overall.

Disclaimer: we do not endorse any of the following non-Barod resources, nor can we guarantee any outcomes based on the use of any self-help resources. The page is for information purposes only, in the interest of providing some options for the community to use.  Please check that the resource is right for you and, whilst we have tried to include only free resources, you will need to ensure there are aware of any hidden costs (for example, in-app purchases). Individuals are responsible for their own choices, actions and results. 

We have tried to separate these into topics, although inevitably, some will cross over two or three of the headings.

If you have a resource that you’d like us to share, please email us